Inventory Count Sheet

Inventory Count Sheet

  • Works with any barcode scanner
  • Creates a list of scanned items
  • Exports the list to an excel spreadsheet
  • Connects with RetailPro Oracle DB
  • Keeps a running list of the scans
  • No ODBC connectors needed
  • Last update 6/11/2023

I have a client with the need to perform inventory on the merchandise out on the store floor. Granted, their database has ‘Quantity on Hand’. But, what’s in the database and what’s on the floor, can be two different things. The basic concept was… Using a SurfacePro (or anything equal) and a basic Symbol barcode scanner. Scan the barcode, contact the database for item description, QOH and any other info they wanted, then just enter the item count. Since the process can stretch into days, we used a SQLite database to keep a running count of the items every time they were scanned. When done for the day, just close the program. When the program is opened again, it will be right where you left off. After completing the inventory, the list can be saved to an Excel file format for .

This app is configured specifically for the client. So, it’s not going to work as expected if someone tries to download it. If you’re interested in something similar, contact us for details.

Current System Requirements:

Platform – Windows,  .Net Desktop Runtime 6.x

Database – Connects to RetailPro’s Oracle database and contains a built-in SQLite database for the scanning. Since the db connection libraries are included with the app, no ODBC connectors are required.

Download – .Net Desktop Runtime 6.x

Download – Boomers Inventory App


License notes:

This software is free to use for anyone who has a need for it. There is no adware or trialware associated with the code, and is something I put together for work.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.