Domain Name FAQs

Q: What is a domain name?
A: A domain name is a name used to locate a service on the Internet, such as a Web site or e-mail server.” An example of a domain name is The top-level domain (TLD), or domain name extension, is the .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc. portion of the domain name.
A domain name is an easy to remember name that refers to an IP address. An IP address, or Internet Protocol Address, is a series of numbers separated by dots (such as, that uniquely identifies a specific server on the Internet.

Q: Are you a domain name reseller?
A: We are a reseller for OpenSRS (aka Tucows). When we register domain names, this is who you would refer to as the registrar.

Q: What is a “Domain Name Registrar”?
A: Examples of a domain name registrar would be, Network Solutions, Opensrs,,, etc… There are several more and they all of have their pro’s and con’s, but that’s out of the scope. These are examples of the companies that handle all internet domain name registrations.
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Q: I registered my domain name with my hosting company. Are hosting companies and registrars the same thing?
A: Now that depends. Some registrars do offer hosting services, but not all hosting services are registrars. Registrars typically will offer reseller packages for hosting companies or web developers to draw in the business. Ever since the monopoly on the domain name registrar was broken, it’s become a competitive business. With that being said, whether you registered it with a hosting company, web developer or someone down the street… Everyone’s domain name will end up at one of those registrars.