Remote Inventory Client

Remote Inventory Client

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  • Last update 6/11/2023

New version of this app is coming…

This is an inventory app written for Microsoft surface tablets that LMK was using for offsite inventory management. Contacts a MySql database for the required inventory via the internet. Once the user gets the required inventory, no internet is required. The user can now take the inventory count in areas that a wifi signal might be week. Once done, the user saves the results and can submit them once wifi is re-established.

Operator can use a barcode scanner for quick entry

Submits order back to database for processing

Copies of submitted orders are kept in archive as csv files

Designed to eliminate paper processing and faster order submissions. The app currently hooks to a MySql database, but can configured to any database with a .Net connector.

System Requirements:

Platform – Windows,  .Net Desktop Runtime 6.x