Register Domain Name

Register Domain Name

A couple of things to note first…

If you already know the drill, then just register it here.

  • Domain name registrations are $19.00 per year, per domain.
    Names that are registered for more than five or more years are discounted to $15.00 per year.
  • The domain name you’re registering must be available (of course).
    Use the whois lookup before you begin.
  • At this time, we only register .com .org and .net for online registrations. The reason for this is, prices can be different than what’s posted.
  • This form is for new domain name registrations, if you’re transferring an existing domain that is already registered with another registrar, please refer to transferring a domain name here.
  • We register all domains with OpenSRS.
  • Read the standard ICANN registration agreement found here
  • You’re now ready to register a domain name.

Click here to register your domain name

Why do we use OpenSRS? Simply put, we resell for OpenSRS because using their service doesn’t result in mass amounts of spam from them. For more information about them, please visit their site.