Current Personal Project

Boomers Coin Collecting App

This is a portable app, that does not need installation. Simply unzip the file into a directory of your choosing, and run the executable.

The Offerings

  • IT For Hire

    Network server/workstation installs and repair. Audio, Video, Printing, Scanning.

  • Web Development

    Website - Email - Databases. Everything needed for the code

Connection Information

IP Address:
CCBot/2.0 (

  • Remote Backups

    Keep your files safe from ransomware, and the unexpected. Keep good backups, and you'll sleep better. Read More

  • Coin Classifieds

    More of a working demo for a classified section. A work in progress, so to speak... Take a look

Boomers Coin Collecting Catalog 2024

Into coin collecting???

So am I... After looking at other apps, and not being satisfied with what I found. I decided to make my own, and share with anyone that wants it.